Pacta sunt servanda

Decade-in-law is an agreement between two or more parties in which each of them undertakes things, promises reciprocal so that it performs the law and the law of contract on the phrase "pacta sunt servanda" and if the breach of contract, the law provides what is known as judicial measures to deal with it, sometimes contracts written as it is the case when you buy or rent a home, but the overwhelming proportion of the contracts to be verbally, as is the case when you buy a book or a cup of coffee, and falls contract law under the civil law as part of the general law of obligations is the general theory of decades of the most important legal theories as a whole.
* -orcan Decade
Satisfaction: no compromise of both parties to the contract, and is the most important pillars of the contract, as is the expression of the will of the contract with the contractors.
According to the principle of authority will, everyone has the freedom of contract or not, and therefore enter into negotiations you do not have a person in that contract at the end of the negotiations, but it is to reject the contract without being held responsible in principle, as the consequences of this principle is that the person complete freedom in the choice of the person who hire him.
Elements of satisfaction: yes corresponding of the offer and acceptance
Disadvantages: Mistake, fraud, coercion, exploitation
Shop: the second pillar of the contract: It consists of two parts;
Mahal Contract: is the legal process by which the parties become reconciled to achieve such sale, lease or contract.
Shop commitment: it is the performance that the debtor must be done for the benefit of the creditor. It is the act or not to act, which lies in the answer to the question: How do you committed to the debtor?
Reason: It is the third pillar of the decade, and is intended to: the purpose for which it is intended committed, or that the reason is the answer to the question; Why ?, committed to the debtor or the motive, motive to contracting and the reason is determined by the type of contract.
* -almsaolah Streptococcus
The contractual responsibility when prejudice contracted the implementation of the commitment that the rank of the contract, or that which is being implemented on the face of defective, and the contract is determined by the responsibilities of contractors in terms of the commitments and conditions, The contract sunt servanda, agree contractual responsibility with the tort in that both are based on the wrong basis, but they differ in the nature of this error, responsibility Streptococcus based prejudice in all or some of the stipulations in the contract, and tort they breach a legal obligation in the basis of which is to do no harm to others, and this means that they differ in that what determines the error in the nodal responsibility is a contract, and the what it is prescribed in tort law.

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